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Get rid of those spreadsheets and Wordpress plugins.

Brilliant Arc is a serious software shop. We build contemporary software platforms using scalable software platforms to support innovative business ventures. Taking a knowledge-based approach to solve problems, we offer the option of using our Trajectory ontology management system, available as a Software-as-a-Service through Radial Nexus to build your solution. A great example is Crowd, a high-volume photo tagging system used to power the REA Home Ideas site. No matter what your problem, you can count on Brilliant Arc as a creative, pro-active, responsive partner for delivering solutions.

Ontology for Everyone

For years taxonomy and ontology has been the purview of univerities, government institutions, and large corporations. The Web has changed all that, and now everyone from bloggers to small online retailers to local search services are leveraging the power of taxonomy and ontology to improve their user experiences. At Brilliant Arc we live ontology, and through tools like Trajectory and Crowd, we take that power out of the hands of these large organizations and leverage it for your business.

Better, Stronger, Faster

Whether you sell a product, offer a service, or drive a search engine, just having content isn't enough. You've got to classify and organize that information in a computationally and human-meaningful way. We work with companies to leverage our vast classification experience and powerful software tools to enrich your content and drive user appreciation and increase sales. Start small with our Radial Nexus cloud service, or jump into the full Trajectory knowledge management solution. Find out just how easy it can be.

At Brilliant Arc, we work closely with clients to provide the tools and expertise to transform and classify content, from local search to retail to real estate to health care.