About Brilliant Arc

Serious software solutions.

The Company

Brilliant Arc is a Denver, CO based company serving the needs of customers around the globe. We find that having the Rocky Mountains constantly in the backdrop serves as an inspiration, and a way to keep us grounded.

Contact Info

Michael Bauer
Brilliant Arc, Inc.
1506 South Washington Street
Denver, CO 80210
bauer [at] brilliantarc [dot] com
+1 (303) 888-5881

The Denver skyline

The Team

The Brilliant Arc team combines decades of ontology and application development to bring you the best and latest in intelligent knowledge management software. We have a proven track record of solid, well-designed, reliable applications designed to meet the needs and schedules of small and large clients alike.

Michael Bauer

Michael Bauer's photo

Michael Bauer is the founder, CEO and principal consultant for Brilliant Arc. Working with companies such as MapQuest, Dex, Joltid (progenitor of Skype), Jabber, and European Directories since 1993, Michael and his teams built the first online mapping system, created one of the first online shopping systems, sold some of the first online advertising, built one of the first content management systems, and created some of the earliest online directories.

Sean Bowman

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Sean Bowman serves as the CTO and principal architect for Brilliant Arc. Sean brings deep, extensive experience in building scalable platforms based on open source technologies across a variety of Local ventures. He has extensive GIS, data, and classification experience across industries, with numerous successful projects under his belt.