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  • High Volume Photo Tagging 19 Sep 2013

    The Problem

    Our client is the largest online real estate presence in Australia. They have millions of residential real estate photos. They found an opportunity to extend their brand into home improvement but needed to sift through all of these photos, find the best photos, categorize them by indoor room or outdoor space, and then tag these photos with color, materials, and features.

  • What is Brilliant Arc? 01 Jul 2013

    Brilliant Arc is all about bringing structure and understanding to the heaps of data piling up in everyone’s company. Whether you’re a local search provider with millions of business listings, or a small online retailer with a few hundred products, we can help you efficiently organize your data and keep you organized. We can improve your internal search and web site organization to improve the experience for your customers, and we can help you improve your SEO, SEM and search rankings to bring more customers to you.