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The Brilliant Arc® Trajectory Local Knowledge Platform is a practical knowledge management system, managing taxonomies of categories and concepts with the simplicity of a spreadsheet, in a multilingual, shared and open environment. Content teams will enjoy the ontology-driven UI, while developers quickly integrate content changes via our RESTful, JSON-based API.

A UI you'll love

Our Trajectory platform makes it easy for your content team to create and manage structured knowledge to fuel search, SEO, and other data needs. With an easy-to-use UI built on years of research into modeling taxonomies, Trajectory will make modeling information fun again (yes, the people on your content team find this kind of thing fun). It may not be as easy as drawing a taxonomy on a napkin, but it's pretty darn close.

The interface is more than just for designing your content taxonomies and modeling the relations between information. Trajectory includes abundant statistical information about your models. It also can track every change you make to the ontology graph. Don't worry about doing something wrong to your ontology: with Trajectory, it's easy to fix.

Trajectory UI example

More than taxonomy: ontology

Trajectory doesn't just support creating taxonomies. It also makes it easy to map taxonomies together, and document your decisions as you go. Take your blog or product taxonomy and map it to Google Products. Map your local neighborhood taxonomy to Facebook's and Foursquare's. Take the parts of SNOMED that matter to you, and map them back to the full SNOMED taxonomy for easy reference.

Our data model is completely flexible. Build a taxonomy to suite your needs, classify information your way, and manage the relationships that make sense to your business. For the technically minded, Trajectory is built on a unidirectional, weighted graph model. For the rest of us, it means your taxonomy, your way.

A shared environment

If you've struggled with more than one person editing that spreadsheet-based taxonomy, you'll love the fact that multiple people can work on a taxonomy at the same time with Trajectory. We'll make sure nobody is stepping on anyone else's work, and monitor and document changes to make sure the entire team is on the same page.

Trajectory is built on modern web technologies. There's no need to install software applications on everyone's desktop, or go through the hassle of upgrading dozens of machines with each new release. Use the browser you're already using, whether Mac, Windows, or Linux.

A complete REST API

Trajectory is an open system. It is designed to integrate with your existing or future products as quickly and easily as possible. Your architects and engineers will find a well-documented and consistent RESTful, JSON-based API that is a pleasure to work with. Our APIs aren't crippled, or partially implemented, either. In fact, we "eat our own dog food": all of our client applications, including the Trajectory administrative tool, use the Trajectory API to interact with the server. There's nothing you can't do with Trajectory that we don't do.

Pluggable and eventful

The Trajectory platform is also completely extensible. Our plugin system allows you to model any kind of interaction or business logic against the ontology graph. It is event driven, and can push or pull events from your other applications with ease. Integrate with search engines, model inheritance in your taxonomy (we have a plugin for that already), or any business rules and applications you can think of.

Radial Nexus web site

Radial Nexus

If you're just getting started with taxonomies and content classification, you may not want to dive head first into the Trajectory pool. Our cloud-based Radial Nexus online tool is an easy introduction to taxonomies, and lets you get started quickly for less, in a safe and secure environment. Tackle the basics, and integrate your taxonomies with existing ones, like NAICS, Google Product, Facebook, and Foursquare. And if you need more help, we're just a click away to step in and give you a hand.

Radial Nexus supports the full Trajectory RESTful API in a shared, hosted solution. You can integrate the information in Radial Nexus with your new or existing applications, and when you're ready to move to the full Trajectory platform, migrate your data in minutes and you'll be ready to go!


Sometimes it's not just the quality of the content, but the quantity. Brilliant Arc turns questionable, unstructured data into quality structured content--at high volume and high speed--through our customizable Crowd collaborative tagging extension to Trajectory. Our crowdsourcing service integrates Trajectory with Amazon's Mechanical Turk, to help you leverage the power of the crowd to enrich your content.

The crowd is really about people. With Brilliant Arc, you take advantage of our considerable, positive, existing relationships with the Mechanical Turk community, and can trust that your content will receive the consideration and care that it demands. We'll work with you to create a unique and entertaining crowd-sourced solution to meet your data enrichment needs.

Crowd application